The Real Danger of J2150

Yeah, I’m sure the multimedia projects in this class will be challenging. I bet learning how to properly work equipment will be difficult. And I doubt it will be easy setting up interviews and meeting times for all of the assigned projects. But these all pale in comparison to the real danger of J2150…

…the four figure fine for spilling a drink in the computer lab.

I have this lab early in the morning. I am groggy; I am sluggish. I am tired from all of the binge writing that took place the night before. I need something to hydrate my dried up body, but I’m not willing to take the $3,000.00 risk.

Do you know how much $3,000.00 is? That is a late ’90s Volvo sedan. I don’t have enough money to just up and give Mizzou a 1998 Volvo S90.

Now there are some critics out there who tell me things like, “Why don’t you just get up earlier and eat a good breakfast? Then you will be ready to start your day.”

If only it were that simple, Mom. I have a very structured routine, which, if altered or interrupted, could threaten the completion of my course credits this semester. The schedule is as follows:

6:58 a.m.        Hit snooze on alarm

7:07 a.m.        Hit snooze on alarm

7:16 a.m.        Turn off alarm; Fall back asleep two minutes later

7:30 a.m.        Hit snooze on second alarm that I set because of inevitable sleep relapse

7:39 a.m.        Turn off alarm; (eventually) get up; go to the bathroom

7:52 a.m.        Catch tail end of whichever infomercial Comedy Central is showing.

8:01 a.m.        Make toast in microwave because of a lack of toaster

8:?? a.m.        Lose track of time while eating

8:28 a.m.        Have crushing realization of what time it is; start shower

8:30 a.m.        End shower; get dressed; drive to campus with windows open to dry

8:42 a.m.        Park illegally somewhere on campus

8:43 a.m.        Sprint to Neff Hall

8:50 a.m.        Catch breath outside of hall so class can’t tell how out of shape I am

8:55 a.m.        Walk into computer lab

9:00 a.m.        Class starts

I go through all of that in the morning, and now that I’m in class I can’t even have a refreshing drink of water? Or a lively cup of coffee? My body isn’t going to be ready to take detailed notes over camera function and my mind won’t be prepared to debate the ethics of Photoshop.

I guess I don’t have a choice though. I will persevere. I will learn the visual language and become familiar with all of the available platforms; I will experiment with the different types of media and tell compelling stories.

…just know I am going to be thirsty while doing so.