The J-School Workout

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Do you constantly find yourself out of breath when interviewing someone? Are your arms fatigued after you finally put the camera down? Do you dread walking across campus with a tripod?

Well, my out-of-shape journalism friends, fear no more. There is finally a way to mold your gray, mushy body into the build of a young Cronkite: the J-School Workout.

“But Ben, what is the J-School workout?”

I’m glad you asked. The J-School workout is a set of plyometric exercises designed to tighten up your bod while doing everyday, journalism related things.

The Camera Kit Curl

  • Check out a camera kit from downstairs
  • Do a set of curls from your legs to a 90 degree angle (the angle that looks like an uppercase “L”)
  • Do a set of curls from the 90 degree angle to the top of your chest
  • Do a final set of curls from your legs to the top of your chest

Note: If you want quicker results, upgrade to a heavier kit– just lie and say you are a doctoral student or something to get it

Tripod High Knees

  • Check out a tripod
  • Hold it above your head and start doing high-knees
  • Pretty self-explanatory

Note: Start alternating between dipping the tripod behind your head and in front of your face to develop those rippling triceps that are oh so important for journalism students

The Pack Mule

  • Go to every single place on campus where you can check something out (Journalism Library, Info Desk, etc.)
  • Strategically hang everything from your body
  • Start walking up and down the steps of Gannett 88

Note: Oats are a nutritious part of any journalist’s diet

After these exercises are mastered, you will be ready to move on to J-School Workout: Capstone. Check back to see when this workout is published. Until then, go hard for the written word.


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