Halfway Home

We are halfway done in J2150. It is weird seeing that typed out in front of me, because it still feels like we just started. Some similarities between Week 1 and Week 9:

  • I don’t know anybody’s name
  • I can’t spell “Perreault” correctly the first time
  • I’m painfully alone

However, a lot of things have changed. I can now work a camera. I know how to edit video. I learned how to give my female friends beards on Photoshop.

It has actually been a lot of fun going out, interviewing people, shooting video, taking pictures, then coming back home and trying to make a compelling story with everything I have. It’s a story I have power over; I completely control how it is seen and interpreted. In J2100, I felt that way with the stories I wrote as well, but there is something different about seeing all the video and pictures come together in a creative, informative way.

Also, quite frankly, this class kicks the shit out of what my friends in the business school have to do.

“Oh man, I have a Calc II test at 8:00 p.m. tonight.”

Wow, that sucks.

I have to go interview really interesting people and edit footage.

Not to mention, I have gotten in great shape from carrying tripods and cameras around (see: The J-School Workout).

It is nice to be in a class where I can so quickly see how much I’ve learned. This is how you work a camera; five photos are due by the end of the week. This is how you white balance a camera; interview with b-roll is due next Wednesday. I’m excited to see what the second half of this class will bring.


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