Spring Break: Journalism Edition

Mike: Hey man, you want to head to Daytona Beach for the break?!?!!

Jeff: Nah man, I can’t. I’ve gotta follow some leads!

Mike: Ahhhh, man I know what you’re talking about– the ladies!

Jeff: No… I mean for an actual story that I’m writing.


That’s how Spring Break goes for a lot of journalism majors. They don’t listen get to listen to the ocean, and they can only get a tan if the fluorescent lightbulbs above their desks are greater than 60 watts.

They do have the option of writing outside now since the weather is getting nicer, but we live in the Midwest. So although the weather is getting nicer, it’s not getting any more consistent.

And being journalism majors, they are sure to check social media constantly for any breaking news stories or hot, new information. Unfortunately, this also means they are constantly seeing pictures and videos of all their friends on the beach, in the city, and just generally more fun places than a desk.

But that’s ok. Because although there might be some haters out there, we all know that we are doing something that matters.


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